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  • Product Code: #542-925A

    Laser Hologages

    Range/Size: .4"/10mm

    Graduation: 0.1um

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    Product Description

    542-925A Laser Hologage Series 542: 4"/10mm

    The 542-925A has an accuracy of 0.1um.


    • The Mitutoyo Laser Hologage is a high-end digital gaging system that employs diffracted laser beam interference to make highly accurate and repeatable measurements. It features ultra-fine diffraction gratings which are holographically recorded on the scale. The Laser Hologage is suitable for measuring ultra-high precision parts, especially those in semiconductor and related industries.
    • Highly accurate measurement due to an ultra-high resolution of 0.00001mm (0.01um), which is close to the performance of laser interferometers.
    • Excellent measuring stability € the design is also highly resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions such as air movement and atmospheric pressure changes.
    • High-precision linear ball bearings are used in the guide for extremely smooth movement and exceptional durability.
    • A display unit is provided.

    Technical Data:

    • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.
    • Resolution: 0.01um
    • Length standard: Laser-hologram measurement sensor
    • Max. Response speed: 250mm/s
    • Contact point: R5mm carbide
    • Stem: 15mm
    • Bearing type: High precision linear ball bearing
    • Measuring force: Refer to the list of specifications
    • Output signal: 90 Degree phase difference, two-phase sine wave
    • Signal pitch: 0.25um
    • Cable Length: 80"/2m

    Optional Accessories:

    • 09CAA335: Zero-set remote controller
    • 971751: Stem fixture for fixing to top surface
    • 971752: Stem fixture for fixing to bottom surface
    • 971753: Spindle lifting cable
    • 971750: Laser Hologage stand


    • Force: 0.55N/0.45N/0.35N
    • Stem Dia: 15mm

    The 542-925A has a resolution of 0.01um.

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