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  • Product Code: #542-164

    Linear Gages LGF-Z with Origin Point Mark

    Range/Size: .4"/10mm

    Graduation: 0.001mm

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    Product Description

    542-164 Linear Gage LGF-Z with Origin Point Mark Series 542: .4"/10mm

    The 542-164 has an accuracy of (1.5+L/50).

    Technical Data:

    • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.
    • Resolution: 1um or 0.5um
    • Inch Resolution: Refer to the applicable counters
    • Length standard: Photoelectric linear encoder
    • Max. response speed: 1500mm/s
    • Contact point: 3mm carbide
    • Stem: 8mm or 15mm
    • Bearing type: Stroke ball bearing
    • Measuring force: Refer to the list of specifications
    • Output signal: 90 Degree phase difference, differential square wave (RS-422A equivalent)
    • Signal pitch:
    • 4um(542-164, 542-165, 542-16) or 2um(542-174, 542-175, 542-176)
    • Cable length: 80"/2m
    • Dust/Water protection level: IP66

    Applicable Counters:

    • EH counter (542-073A)
    • EB counter (542-094-2)
    • EG counter (542-017)
    • EV counter (542-067)

    Optional Accessories:

    • 238772:Rubber boot (10mm)
    • 962504:Rubber boot (25mm)
    • 962505:Rubber boot (50mm)
    • 02ADB680:Thrust stem set (for 10mm range models)
    • 02ADB690:Thrust stem set (for 25,50mm range models)
    • 02ADE230: Air lifting units(10mm range)
    • 02ADE250:Air lifting units(25mm range)
    • 02ADE270:Air lifting units(50mm range)


    • Force: 1.2N/1.1N/1.0N
    • Stem Dia: 8mm
    • Remarks: w/origin point mark

    The 542-164 has a resolution of 0.001mm.

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