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    Litematic and Litematic Heads - Series 318

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    318-221A Litematic and Litematic Head - Series 318

    The 318-221A includes a SPC output.


    • The Litematic is designed for measuring easily-deformed work pieces and high-precision parts such as pin gages, thin-wall bearings, plastic parts, and springs.
    • Extra-low measuring force of 0.01N (1gf).
    • Super Litematic employs a unique Laser Holoscale as the length standard, ensuring excellent measuring accuracy and repeatability.
    • Ceramic anvil is free from corrosion and easy to maintain (Litematic).
    • The measuring unit can be mounted onto fixture or an optional stand to allow great flexibility of use (Litematic Head).

    Technical Data:

    • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications (excluding quantizing error)
    • Resolution: Refer to the list of specifications
    • Repeatability: s=0.05um
    • Display unit: 8 digits and 14mm character height
    • Stroke: 51.2mm (using standard contact point)
    • Measuring force
    • 0.01N: 318-221A
    • 0.15N:318-222A
    • 1N: 318-223A
    • 0.01N: 318-226A
    • 0.15N: 318-227A
    • 1N: 318-228A
    • Spindle feed speed: 2mm/s, 4mm/s, 8mm/s Length standard: Photoelectric linear encoder Contact point: 3mm carbide ball Power supply: 85 - 264V AC

    Optional Accessories:

    • 936937: SPC cable (1mm)
    • 965014: SPC cable (2mm)
    • 957460: 300x250mm granite stand with bracket for Litematic Head
    • 101118: Contact point, Shell
    • 120066: Contact point, 0.45mm needle (carbide)
    • 120059: Contact point, 7.0mm spherical (carbide)
    • 120060: Contact point, 10.5mm spherical (carbide)
    • 937179T: Foot switch
    • 264-504-5A: Digimatic Mini-processor DP-1VR
    • 264-012-10: Input tool (for USB port)
    • 02ADM260-2: SENSORPAK (data capture software w/ I/O cable)


    • Model: VL-50-B
    • Remarks: w/ 100mm grooved ceramic anvil
    • Reolution: 0.01um, 0.1um,1um, 0.5u inch, 5u inch, 50u inch switchable

    The 318-221A has an accuracy of (0.5+L/100)um L=Measured length (mm).

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