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    TESA Inductive Axial Probes

    Range/Size: See Specs Below

    Graduation: See Specs Below

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    Product Description

    599-982-10 GT21 Probe with Axial Cable

    The 599-982-10 is Swiss made and a bestselling tool.


    • Probe inserts can be replaced or interchanged.
    • A large choice of models for different geometries, forms and sizes is available.
    • Adaptable force by changing the key.
    • The USB probe allows a direct connection to a computer through a USB port, eliminating the need for an electronic interface (BPX box) or electronic gage amplifier.
    • Repeatability Limit (um): 0.01
    • Measuring Force (N): 0.63
    • Measuring Range: +/- .040" +/- 1mm

    The 599-982-10 has excellent repeatability and longevity.

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