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    High Precision Adjustable V-Blocks

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    91-300-4 High Precision Adjustable V-Blocks

    The 91-300-4 have top flats ground parallel to base.


    • Wide angle 120 degree V with 2 3/4" opening accepts 3/16 to 5" diameters.
    • Total height adjustment: 9/16", .050" per revolution, 0.001" dial increments
    • Position lock prevents vibration creeping.
    • Base Dimension: 4" W x 1 3/4" L
    • V opening: 2 3/4", 13/16" wide
    • Height: approximately 3" closed, 3.75" opened.

    Precision made tool that performs all of the functions normally requiring the use of various blocks, shims, or non-precision machinist jacks. Supports single and multiple diameter shafts, bars, etc. by quickly adjusting height. The 91-300-4 can be used in a variety of applications and is a great quality and well built V-Block Set.

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