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  • Product Code: #311-225

    Square Master # 311-225

    Vertical travel: 250mm

    Squareness: .006mm

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    Product Description

    311-225 Mitutoyo Square Master: 250mm

    The Mitutoyo 311-225 Square Master has the following specifications:

    • Vertical Travel: 250mm
    • Squareness: .006mm
    • Straighness: .0025mm
    • Mass: 16.2kg


    • Squareness (perpendicularity) and straightness measurements can be performed accurately and efficiently by moving a lever.
    • Check squareness and straighness
    • With a dial test indicator for reading displacements.
    • Its own squareness is adjustable for highaccuracy measurement.

    Mitutoyo Series 311 Square Masters:

    • 311-215 Square Master: 150mm
    • 311-225 Square Master: 250mm
    • 311-245 Square Master: 450mm
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