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    Electronic Rivet Gage

    Graduations: .0001"/.005mm

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    Product Description

    1300-SPC Barcor Electronic Dial Rivet Gage

    The Barcor 1300-SPC Electronic Rivet Gage has the following specifications:

    • Resolution: .0001"/.005mm

    The Barcor rivet gages are able to measure the flushness of rivets, welds, and srew heads with great accuracy. Users can easily maintain Military Spec of riveting standards of + .005"/-.000" for flushness.


    • Rivet and screw heads, arc welds in aircraft, missile, aerospace, electronic and sheet metal work Set-up and in-process control of rivet head shaving machines Control staking and rivet height in office machines and other complex mechanisms to prevent shearing and interference Measure the timing, movement, and pressure correlation of valves, hydraulic valve spools, hydraulic cylinders Use on embossed, stamped, coined, upset, dimpled, and staked parts
    • Provides an independent, unbiased, easily-verified flushness measurement
    • Available graduations: .001", .0005", .01mm
    • Optional Electronic model is avaialble with SPC

    Barcor Rivet Gages:

    • 1300 Rivet Gage with Graduations: .001"
    • 1350 Rivet Gage with Graduations: .0005"
    • 1300-M Rivet Gage with Graduations: .01mm
    • 1300-SPC Electronic Rivet Gage with Resolution: .0001"/.005mm
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