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  • Product Code: #2278-180

    Combination Square Sets

    Range/Size: 12"/300mm

    Range/Size: See Specs Below

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    Product Description

    2278-180 Combination Square Set: 12"/300mm

    The 2278-180 has a blade graduation of 1/32" and 0.5mm on front face, 1/64" and 1mm on back face.


    • Center head: To locate center of round workpieces; Accuracy: +/- 0.006"
    • Protractor head: To set the blade at desired angle to an edge of a workpiece, and can be used to measure angles; Range: 0-180 degrees; Accuracy: +/- 7 min.
    • Square Head: To set the blade at 90 degrees or 45 degrees to an edge of a workpiece; Accuracy: +/- 8 min for 90 degree square, +/- 10 min for 45 degree square
    • Optional accessory: rigid rule (order no. 7113-300A/450A, EDP# are shown on page 94)

    The 2278-180 is supplied in fitted storage case

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