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Combination Square Set # 9-18-4R

Blade Length: 18"

Graduations: 4R – 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading 32nds, 64ths

Price: $323 $303.62
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Product Description

9-18-4R Starrett Cast Iron Combination Set: 18″ 

The Starrett 9-18-4R Cast Iron Combination Set has the follow specs:

  • Blade Length: 18″
  • Graduation Type: 4R
  • Graduations: 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading 32nds, 64ths
  • Blade Finish: Regular
  • Head Finish: Black Wrinkle
  • Head Material: Cast Iron
  • Head Type: Square, Center, Protractor
  • Number of Pieces: 4
  • Protractor Type: None-reversible
  • EDP: 50044


  • Reversible lock bolts, scriber, spirit level in both square head and protractor head
  • Direct reading double 180 degree protractor scale
  • Non-reversible protractor head
  • Hardened steel, machine divided blade
  • Regular Finish Blade
  • Cast Iron Heads with Black Wrinkle Finish
  • Made in America

Cast Iron Combination Sets: Center, Non-Reversible, and Protractor Head

  • 9-12-4R  Combination Set: 12″, Graduation: 4R
  • 9-12-16R Combination Set: 12″, Graduation: 16R
  • 9-18-4R  Combination Set: 18″, Graduation: 4R
  • 9-24-4R  Combination Set: 24″, Graduation: 4R
  • C9-12-4R Combination Set: 12″, Graduation: 4R (Satin Chrome Blade)

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