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Starrett Diemakers’ Squares

Product Code: 457A

Brand: Starrett

Blade Length: 1-5/8"

Graduations: 32nds - 64ths

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Product Description

457A Improved Diemakers’ Square with Angular Adjustment with Straight Blade Only

The Starrett 457A Improved Diemakers’ Square has the following specifications:

The Starrett 457 Improved Diemakers� Square is a highly useful tool for tool and diemakers, especially for measuring die clearances. It is also very handy for patternmakers to check angles and drafts on patterns. The beam of this square is graduated to show the setting in degrees of the blades. Blades can be set for any angle up to 10�, either side of 0� and the angle is indicated by the line on the pointer.


Starrett Improved Diemakers’ Squares:


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