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  • Product Code: #DVM-1000

    Digital Vibration Tester # DVM-1000

    Range/Size: See specs below

    Graduations: See specs below

    Price: $595.00 $529.55

    Product Description

    DVM-1000 Digital Vibration Tester

    DVM-1000 Digital Vibration Tester is a multi-functional meter capable of measuring velocity, acceleration, displacement and RPM frequency.


    • Acceleration:  Peak Value: 0.1 - 200 m/s or or 0.3-656 ft/m/s 
    • Velocity(RMS):  RMS: 0.1-400 (mm/s) or .004 - 16 (inch/s)
    • Displacement: Peak to Peak .001 - 2mm or .04 - 80 mil
    • RPM (revolution): 5 - 100,000 r/min
    • Frequency: 0.1 – 10KHz
    • Accuracy: <5%
    • Operating Temp: 0-45°C
    • Power: 4-AAA Batteries
    • Dimensions: 161 x 69 x 32mm
    • Weight: 300g


    • Quick accurate analysis for checking balance and alignment of a rotating object.
    • Large LCD display
    • Designed for tension/compression measurements
    • Inch/Metric Conversion with the push of a button
    • Max Hold Function
    • Regulated Output(AC output 2.0v peak full scale

    If you have any questions about the Phase II DVM-1000 Vibration Tester or want to see if this gage will work for a specific application, please call, live chat or email us at

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