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Fowler Bowers XT Pistol Grip | Product Overview

Hi this is Mike with Higher Precision and today we're going to be taking a look at the Fowler Bower's XTH3 Bluetooth Holematic Pistol Grip set. We're going to be taking a look at what's included with the set itself, how to use electronics on the pistol grip, and how to calibrate the head with the ring.


Today we're going to be taking a look at the Fowler Bowers XTH3 Holematic Pistol Grip Set so bluetooth set in the part number is a 54-567-105-BT. Now this is a 4-6 six inch range or 100-150 millimeters. It has a resolution of 50 millionths or one micron, an accuracy of two and a half tenths or six microns. Included in this set we have a four to five inch head, a five to six inch head, a pistol grip and then a ring to calibrate the heads with. We also have an instruction manual, and a traceable certification of calibration. also with this calibration cert the great thing that they do Bowers and Fowler is that they actually have the head the gun and the ring all calibrated together for maximum accuracy, and other great thing about this type of tool is that it's a three point measuring system. So it's self aligning and self centering which means it's just easier to measure a bore. all around with the other awesome thing when using this item is it has a very ergonomic design. I take this out you can see it's easy to use in control, instead of using a ratchet where you spinning around with some of the other designs. You have less of a chance of marking up your anvils and losing measurement and accuracy. It's also quick when you have the head screwed on here, and you're going through parts it's real quick to just kind of pull it in next part good/bad, so now that we've kind of looked over this whole entire set, let's jump into electronics of how we'd use this part.

Electronic Walk-through:

Now we're gonna take a look at how to use the electronic, first thing I'll point out is that this display it is movable in case you're measuring from kind of an odd angle. The next thing I'm gonna point out is that it's only two buttons so it's pretty simple to use. You're always gonna either be tapping one of these buttons or holding them. Modes gonna allow you to cycle through the menus an set will allow you to select something you need on the menu. Now I would say when you're using this gauge to users that are asking for information on there's two menus. The first menu, if you just tap mode you will see set, reference where you can have up to four different reference points saved, or preset. And then the second menu if you hold down the mode button for about two seconds you'll see unit which we're measuring in the unit or inch, resolution where you can toggle between and this off is for if you'd like to gauge to go off on its own or if you'd like to manually turn it off. Hold if you want to hold a measurement and BT if you need to turn bluetooth on and off. So you're on a floor and it needs to be turned off. Now if you'd like to turn the gauge off because you don't have it on the automatic turn off you just hold set the gauge will turn off. You just tap mode it will be back on. And if you ever have all four reference points saved you get new parts, and you now need to create new reference points you don't want to go back and kind of jump between them you can actually hold mode and set and this will give you a factory reset and it'll clear all of the reference points off. And that's pretty much how to use the whole electronic.

Calibration Process:

So now we're going to calibrate the head with the ring. The ring we have here is a five point zero, zero, zero, one seven, and we're doing this in inches. So we're going to do is hit mode to go into the first menu. We're going to select preset. We're going to navigate with mode, and we're gonna change the value with set to a five, change this to a one, and then to save this value you're going to hold mode. Now we're going to insert the head into the ring. A little twist to make sure it's centered, hit set. You've now set your head and you're ready to measure.


So today we took a look at the Fowler Bowers XTH3 Bluetooth hole Matic Pistol Grip Set. We took a look at what's included in the set. How to use the electronics, and how to calibrate the heads with the ring. If you have any other questions or need any more information please feel free to reach out or visit us at www.HigherPrecions.com, and until next time, we will see yah.


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