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Fowler Sylvac Rapid-Mic | Product Overview 54-815-030

Hey everyone it's Nick here at Higher Precision and today we're going to be doing a video review on the Fowler/Sylvac Rapid Mic part number 54-815-030. The tool we have with us today is the Fowler/Sylvac Rapid Mic. This is a quick displacement electronic micrometer with a ten millimeter spindle revolution so instead of a standard micrometer where it takes about thirty five or forty turns to open it up throughout the whole range, it is only about three to three-and-a-half full revolutions to open this gage up. So this model I have in front of me here is a 0- 1.18"/30mm (range). Accuracy on this tool is .00012" or .003mm throughout the full range.

So what comes with the rapid mic? Inside the rapid mic you get a great quality shop hardened case. You also receive the battery removal tool. In addition to that you're going to get the lifetime warranty card. Yep the rapid mic comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY so if anything happens to the electronics or the gauge goes defective for any reason, Fowler will repair the micrometer or replace it with the most new style free of charge that's the best part about paying for the lifetime warranty tools. Also included in the case you will get a detailed test certificate coming from Sylvac the manufacturer out of Switzerland and the last thing you're going to find inside the case is a detailed instruction manual for you to always go back and review anything you might have questions about in regards to the micrometer.

So now that we know what comes with the rapid mic, let's take a deeper dive into the electronics and really see what this micrometer has to offer. The Fowler/Sylvac rapid mic has very easy two-button electronics to use. Lets cycle through the electronics to see what type of parameters can be set. By touching the "mode" button we will see that the first parameter that can be set is the preset. If users want their actually be allowed to go in and put a preset into the electronics. Now I imagine some of you are probably questioning what's the purpose of putting a preset into a 0-1.18" micrometer. Well you can actually increase the overall accuracy of the gauge. Let me give you a quick example. If we're a company that produces these bolts here and we have to double check all of our parts (if we can get it within the mic here alright) so we have a reading of 0.4954" on the bolt dimension so what we actually can do here is that we want to put a preset of say a .500" into the electronics. Grab a .500" gage block and set it to that, we can actually increase the overall accuracy of the gauge.

The second parameter that we can set here is a unit and that will allow you to cycle back and forth between inch and millimeters. For the purpose of the demo are going to stay on inch. The third parameter that you can set is actually changing the location and that's just turning the location on or off and the fourth parameter you can set within the electronics is the hold feature. Now the only purpose of the hold feature is if you are using this micrometer in some sort of an application and you physically can't see the display, the hold feature will allow you to actually capture the measurement until you can physically read it on the readout itself. So those are the only four parameters that you can actually use this micrometer and set within the electronics.

So let's take a look at some of the features and what separates this gauge out from the others. It is IP67 protected so this micrometer can be used in a little bit more of a harsh environment compared to other micrometers. It is Swiss-made, it is made in Switzerland at Sylvac and does include the Fowler lifetime warranty. So if anything does happen and this gauge goes defective or the electronics goes south on you, the gauge can be easily repaired or replaced free of charge. The best part about going with a lifetime warranty tools. This model here actually has an adjustable measuring force (only the 30mm micrometer does the two larger sizes do not have the adjustable measuring force on there). It does have a non rotating spindle with carbide tipped anvils on there. It does have a programmable memory, a very easy to read extra-large display, and it does include a ratchet on here which is just going to be for better repeatability among users. The Fowler/Sylvac rapid mic is offered in three different sizes. They have a 0-1.18"/30mm. The next size up goes from 1.18-2.6"/30-66mm (54-100-060) and the final size goes from 2.6-4.0"/66-102mm (54-815-100). So it's three individual micrometers that they do offer here but they also offer a set 0-4"/102mm (54-815-111 set). So there are three individual mics and one set available but within that Fowler and Sylvac offer either bluetooth or not bluetooth. It just comes down to whether you're actually going to use a Bluetooth communication built into the micrometer. In addition to the standard carbide-tipped anvils, Sylvac also does offer specialty anvils such as disc, spline, spherical, and point. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the Fowler/Sylvac Rapid Mike quick displacement electronic micrometer, feel free to reach out to us at higher precision dot com and until next time we'll see you again. {Signature Point}

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