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Mitutoyo QuantuMike | Product Overview

Hey everyone it Nick here at Higher Precision and today we are going to be talking about the Mitutoyo Quantu-Mike the coolant proof micrometer, part number 293-180-30.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Mituotyo Quantu-Mike, a coolant-proof micrometer, part # 293-180-30. This model here has a range of 0-1" or 25.4mm. The resolution on the Quantu-Mike is .00005" or .001mm and this specific model has a very impressive accuracy of .00005"/.001mm. Now that we know the specs, lets take a look at the features. It includes a patented ratchet thimble mechanism to ensure the highest degree of repeatability among users. It has a function lock to help prevent error among different operators. The Quantu-Mike is IP65 protected so it can be used in a little bit of a more harsh environment compared to other micrometers. It does include a certificate of inspection. The Quantu-Mike is offered with or without SPC. All Quantu-Mikes include carbide tipped faces as well a nice fitted case. So that wraps up the features on the Quantu-Mike, lets take a little bit more of a zoomed in look and take a look at the electronics of the gage as well as what separates this micrometer out from others.

Now that we have a zoomed up view on the electronics of the Quantu-Mike, lets take a look at what buttons are here on the electronics. The first button is the origin button and that can be used to set zero once the anvils are closed together. The second button is the Absolute or Zero button. What this allows you to do is if we are sitting here and we are going to be measuring our parts we can come in and get a dimension of .4959". Next size we have .49585". We can actually get the exact measurement or if we want we can get the incremental measurement. So we might have some customers who might zero off of a known part or off of a gage block. Then if we can do that, we are coming in to measure our parts from here and we are actually going be measuring just the deviation away from whatever we preset it to. So it has the ability to measure both absolute and incremental which is nice. The third button here we have is the hold button. What the hold button does is that allows our operators if they are taking a measurement here and I am going to come in on my part and get my third click but I am not able to see the actual display I can hit the hold button. Now what that allows to do is it allows the operators is I can move the thimble inside and out and you will notice the display is not changing at all. The hold button allows operators to lock on to the last measurement and then to get out of that you can hit the "hold" button again we are good to go to keep on measuring here. The final button we have underneath is the "in/mm" button by pushing that will allow you to cycle back and forth between inch and metric.

So what separates the Quantu-Mike from other micrometers? And the answer is very simple, it is speed. The Quantu-Mike is 4 times the speed of a standard micrometer. It is much faster with 2mm/revolution compared to standard micrometers that are 0.5mm/revolution. There is a ratchet here on the speeder and there is a ratchet on the thimble. What usually most operators are going to do is going to use the speeder to open up the anvils and once you are getting close you will move to the thimble to take the measurements there. The thimble (ratchet) allows for a little bit more of stable measurements. It has a ratchet induced micro-vibration along the spindle to help high repeatability measurements and you will see on here as well graduated scale. In addition to the graduated scale, you are going to see a triangle reference mark on the thimble. This means every millimeter of displacement can be checked which gives operates a little extra confidence when taking their measurements.

So speed is definitely the #1 thing that seperates out the Quantu-Mike. If you have to do mention one other thing would probably be the price. Many other manufacturers offer speed micrometers in the price range of $600...$700....$800. The Mitutoyo Quantu-Mike is not even going to run you half of that.

That wraps up today's view on the Mitutoyo Quantu-Mike. If you have any specific questions or if there is anything we didn't cover that you would like us to answer, feel free to reach out to us at Higher Precision.com and until next time, we will see you again.

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