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SPI 0-3" Micrometer Set Part #17-634-7

Hey everybody it is Nick here at Higher Precision and today we are going to be doing a quick video demo on the SPI 0-3” micrometer set, part number 17-634-7.


Today I am going to be doing a video review on the SPI 17-634-7 0-3” outside micrometer set. Within the set you are going to get a 0-1” micrometer, a 1-2” micrometer and a 2-3” micrometer. In additional to the micrometers you will receive a 1” and 2” measuring standard to allow you to set the two larger micrometers. You are going to get a detailed manual from SPI on how to actually use the mics and how to easily show you how to make any adjustments if it needs to be done. You are going to get a short form certificate of calibration for each of the three micrometers as well. The 0-1” is accurate to +/- .0001” and the two larger sizes 1-2” and 2-3” are accurate to +/- .0002”. The short form certificate of calibration is maybe good for most people. The take six readings throughout the whole range but for some companies that might need a little more traceability or something right to NIST you might have to send them to a lab to be done.

Let’s take a look at the features on these micrometers. They have carbide tipped measuring faces and the spindle diameter is .250” which is the most common size. You do have the ratchet thimble on here for better repeatability and has a spindle lock. These mics come with a nice two-year warranty which is typically about a year more than you are going to get on most micrometer sets. Let’s take a look at what makes these micrometers stand out.

As mentioned, you are going to get the carbide-tipped measuring faces. You have the fixed anvil, the spindle, the spindle lock If you actually want to lock that in place. You have the sleeve, the thimble, the ratchet stop for better repeatability and the nice painted frame. This 0-3” mic set is a great bang for the buck. Within this series here SPI offers individual micrometers that start at 0-1” and go all the way out to 11-12”. SPI offers four different sets. They have 0-3” which you see here, they also have a 0-6” set, a 0-12” set and the 6-12” set. However, SPI does offer some metric sizes available in individuals up to 75-100mm and offer two sets: 0-75mm set and 0-100mm set.

I highly recommend 17-634-7 as I think it is a great bang for the buck. The SPI micrometers and tools tend to be price out very good compared to a lot of the other brands we sell that come with a higher price tag. If I was in the market to actually buy a new 0-3” micrometer set I would definitely recommend SPIs here for you.

I hope you liked our quick video review. If you have anymore questions on this you can feel free to reach out to use at Higher Precision.com and until next time, we will see you again.

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