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The Vyndicator - The World's First Wireless Test Indicator

Hey everyone, it is Nick here at Higher Precision and today we are going to be doing a video demo on the Vyndicator: The World’s First Wireless Test Indicator.


Today I am going to be doing a video demo on the Vyndicator: The World’s First Wireless Test Indicator brought to you by Haggenhoff LLC. The owner of Haggenhoff, Dave Hoffman reached out to us about 5 or 6 years ago when he was coming out with prototypes of the Vyndicator. Dave asked if he can send a sample up to the Higher Precision team and have our team review it and give him some feedback. Within about 5-10 minutes of playing around with this gage the complete Higher Precision team was very impressed with it. The metrology world has had a wide variety of electronic test indicators throughout the last 10 years but not one of them has been wireless until the Vyndicator has come around.

What is the Vyndicator actually used for? Most commonly it is used for shaft alignment, centering parts, deep bore applications, difficult to read applications as well as large diameters. However, the Vyndicator can be used in any application where a test indicator is needed. The Vyndicator is a 2-part system made up of the receiver as well as the transmitter. Let’s dig right into this and figure out how the Vyndicator works.

Now its time to turn on the Vyndicator. The first thing I am going to do is push the “on” button on the receiver. It is going to go through a software update and should say “No Reception”. On the back side of the transmitter there is an “on/off” button that I can push there and that should sync up the two. I know they are synced up because I have a red LED blinking on the transmitter and the zeros are blinking on the receiver. Just to double check I am going to move the stylus here and you will see the display numbers and position bar are both moving. We are going to see two small numbers in the upper left-hand corner of the display. The top number is the number of minutes off reception and the bottom number is the transmission time since the last battery change.

The Vyndicator is a two-part system: The receiver and transmitter you get about 30 foot of transmission range between the two. It has a resolution of .0001” and an accuracy of +/- .0002” using the 0.780” length stylus. There are a couple of different stylus lengths you can change within the parameters so let’s take a deeper dive into the actual display to see what parameters can be set.

Now we have the Vyndicator powered up, lets cycle through the electronics and see what parameters can be set. To do this I will be tapping the menu button. The first is “standard mode”, they also have “TIR” mode which is your Max – Min. Low mode is going to be your “min” mode, high mode commonly known as “max” mode. You English units can be set here, or you can set your units in metric.

To select any of these parameters all you have to do it hit the “zero” button. There is a zero-transmission battery, a zero receiver battery, and then there are four different length points to choose from. Make sure you have the correct length selected within the electronics. For us right now we have a .780” length contact point. There is also a 1.04” and 1.47” (.059” too).

If you only have one Vyndicator you can probably leave this on “transmitter ALL” however there is a transmitter 1, transmitter 2 and a transmitter 3. The only purpose of these is if you have multiple Vyndicators, you want the correct transmitter communicating with the correct receiver. There is also an easy to follow 16 step calibration procedure within the manual if you do have to go though that. That wraps up all the different parameters that can be set on the Vyndicator.

That wraps up our video today on the Vyndicator: The World’s First Wireless Test Indicator. It is definitely a great addition to the metrology market. If you have any questions or if there is anything we didn’t cover, feel free to reach out to us at Higher Precision.com and until next time, we will see you again.

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