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Vermont Gage Pin Gage Set

Nick: Hey it's Nick and Mike here from Higher Precision and today we're gonna be talking about Vermont Gage pin gauge sets.


Mike: So Nick what would you even use Vermont pin gage sets for?

Nick: The Vermont gauge pin gauge sets are most commonly used for Go-No gauging they can also be used to measure bores holes widths, their commonly used to check hole location and some of the larger pins can be actually be used to set micrometers and snap gauges prior to use.

Mike: Okay, and with Vermont gauge what makes them different from other fixed limit gauging companies?

Nick: Vermont gauge is made in the USA they're readily available, readily stock, great company with great customer service, they offer their ping gauge sets in two different ways they have plus and minus tolerances on every single size they offer and they offer both their pin gauge sets in steel as well as blackguard. So basically blackguard is what we're looking at right here, and it's actually a black oxide treatment that goes over the pin and the reason for this is because when you're using typical steel pin gauges and you're going in and out of bores to be able to measure them things are gonna start to wear a little bit unfortunately. It's very tough to see wear on a steel pin gauge. So with the black guard series it kind of prevents the corrosion but the more importantly you get to see the wear in the pin gauge which is you know you need a replace it.

Mike: So it's a great safety check

Nick: Absolutely

Mike: And with this as I'm kind of looking at these are these over all the same length.

Nick: Yep all the pin gauges in the Vermont Gage sets and libraries are 2 inches in length they have a Rockwell C finish as 60 to 62 with a 10 micro surface finish on there, and each of the sets and libraries is traceable to NIST as well.

Mike: Okay, and with these as I'm looking at they're incredibly small what if I drop this on my floor, my shop floor, it's gonna be gone or if I leave it on a table and I can't find it. Can I get a replace or do I have to buy another whole set.

Nick: No you don't have to buy a whole new set so replacement pins are readily available we just need to know the exact size and tolerance that you're looking for. Typically gonna be shipped out in just a couple of days too.

Mike: Great.

Nick: Yeah so that basically wraps up Vermont gauge pin gauge sets. Vermont gauge also carries a wide variety of other gauges from setting masters to thread gauges to blanks and a lot more. So if you have any questions on Vermont gauge or any of their pin gauge sets check us out at higherprecision.com


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