• Part #: 54-336-304

    XT Extension # 54-336-304

    XT Extension # 54-336-304

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Range/Size: 6"/150mm

    Price: $199.52 

    Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Product Description:

    54-336-304 Fowler/Bowers XT Extension: 6"/150mm

    54-336-304 is a 6”/150mm extension that is only compatible with XT heads ranging from .750-2”/20-50mm.  Below are the XT heads that are compatible with this extension:

    The Fowler/Bowers XT Extensions give operators an option to be able to measure deeper into bores. The XT extensions can be used with pistol grips, electronic holemikes, or mechanical holemikes.  Below is a list of the XT extensions available:

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