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Since 1946, Fowler High Precision has been a leading supplier of precision measurement instruments and electronic gauges ideal for quality control and inspection.  Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Fowler High Precision strives to provide consumers with excellent products at competitive prices without any compromises.  Fowler manufactures a wide variety of precision measurement tools including: Bore Gages, Calipers, Height Gages, Microscopes, and many more!  Fowler has established strong business relationships with industry leading manufacturers such as SylvacTrimosWyler AG, and Bowers Metrology.  As the U.S. agent for each of these four companies, Fowler is able to constantly introduce new and innovating tools to the precision measurement industry.

Fowler High Precision proudly offers electronic tools with a focus on user-friendly experience and current technologies.  Fowler is known throughout the industry for being able to supply the best quality electronic measurement tools for customers who need to hook their gages up to a P.C. or laptop for data collection purposes.  Many of these tools have innovative features such as:

  • Easy to use two-button electronics
  • High accuracy
  • Sustained battery life up to 10,000 hours
  • Bluetooth wireless data transmission (Sylvac products)
  • Built-in Min/Max/Delta/TOL/Factor and preset functions
  • Lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Smart phone notifications based on parameter settings

Fowler High Precision also offers non-electronic tools as well such as Micrometers, Gage Blocks, Dial Indicators, and Dial Calipers. These tools are made with the same meticulous quality control as their electrical counterparts and are one of the most commonly requested brands among machinists. Fowler is able to offer premium measuring instruments without the large price tag.

In 2014, Fowler High Precision introduced the Mobile Tech Center (MTC) which is a customized motor coach packed with all types of precision measurement tools. This new and innovative “showroom on wheels” gives Fowler the opportunity to be able to demonstate products in front of customers who may not typically get a chance to see them. To learn more about about the MTC, check out our block on the Fowler High Precision Mobile Tech Center.

HigherPrecision.com is proud to offer all Fowler High Precision products. If there is a product you were not able to locate on HigherPrecision.com, please contact us through the Live Chat feature to speak with a product specialist, email ([email protected]), or call 617-420-2517.  If a Fowler High Precision measurement tool is needed for the job, rest assured HigherPrecision.com is your one-stop-shop for quick, industry leading service.

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