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Mitutoyo Bore Gages

Mitutoyo's most popular types of bore gages:

Higher Precision offers the largest selection of Mitutoyo Bore Gages that are available for online purchase. If you are having trouble trying to locate a specific Bore Gage, please email [email protected], call 800-469-0132, or live chat with one of our technical support experts. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and can help you find the right Bore Gage for your specific measurement application.

Mitutoyo is one of the most popular brands for a inside diameter gages you will find in machine shop today. The Mitutoyo inside diameter gages are manufactured with the finest of materials which ensures a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Mitutoyo is one of the most requested brands of bore micrometers and dial bore gages as many users are attracted the quality, price and availability.

The Mitutoyo ID Gages are offered in wide variety of 2-point dial bore gages that are offered with multiple graduations on the dial indicator. The dial bore gages offered by Mitutoyo include the standard type, for small holes, short-leg type, blind hole type, micrometer head style, and for extra small holes. All the different Mitutoyo dial bore gages are offered in both inch and metric with two different graduations (.0005”/.0001” or .01mm/.001mm). Mitutoyo also offers a version without a dial gage for those who prefer to use an electronic indicator. Extensions are readily available for those users who require taking measurements deeper into the bore.

Mitutoyo is known in manufacturing facilities all over the world for their top-of-the-line 3-point bore gages. The Holtest and Holtest Type II mechanical 3-point bore gages that are offered in both inch and metric in a wide variety of ranges. For those who prefer the electronic 3-point bore gages, the Digimatic Holtest and Borematic Snap Open Bore gages are available in both individual ranges as well as large capacity sets. Extensions are available for all the types of 3-point bore gages for uses who are required to measuring deeper into the bores.

Brand: Mitutoyo

Type of Product: Bore Gage

How accurate is a dial bore gage?

The dial bore gage is a highly accurate device. Typically, the bore gage can be expected to provide an accurate measurement within 0.00254 millimeters or 0.0001 inches. Compared to the telescopic bore gage, the dial bore gage doesn’t involve a transfer process to get a final measurement, making it a more direct method of measurement. The direct nature of taking a bore measurement using a dial bore gage also speeds up the process, helping to improve efficiency in addition to accuracy. If you’re working in an industry that needs to prioritize a high degree of accuracy in measuring bores, then the dial bore gage is for you. One way to ensure even more accuracy no matter what type of bore gage you choose is to purchase a custom master to master your dial bore gage to.

How do you read a Mitutoyo bore gage?

When reading a Mitutoyo bore gage, you’ll want to be familiar with reading output from a dial. The dial face is where you’ll read your data output. After calibrating your Mitutoyo bore gage to a particular setting, you’ll then determine how much the needle on the dial face moved in a clockwise direction beyond the number to which it’s calibrated. Make sure to check the type of units on your bore gage before reading, as well as the range. Keep in mind that the output reading the Mitutoyo bore gage may vary slightly based on the operator who’s using the tool. For example, when reading the minimum reading, two separate operators may determine the reading slightly differently as it’s based on sight.

How do you use a Mitutoyo dial bore gage?

The Mitutoyo dial bore gage has a fixed anvil as well as a spring-loaded anvil that works to translate the motion detected within the bore up through the rest of the bore gage body. Once it reaches the other end of the Mitutoyo dial bore gage, it stops at the dial indicator. There’s a self-centering spring mechanism that helps make sure the Mitutoyo dial bore gage is centered properly within the bore. To use the Mitutoyo bore gage, you first insert it into the bore and then swing it slightly back and forth to see the minimum output reading on the dial face. If you needed to see what the ovality was within a bore, you would re-insert the Mitutoyo dial bore gage and rotate it 90 degrees, take another measurement, and compare it to the first measurement you collected.

What is the range of a Mitutoyo bore gage?

Each newly released model of the Mitutoyo bore gage has come with improvements in both accuracy and specificity of range. The Mitutoyo bore gage has a wide-range accuracy of 2 µm / .00008″ and a measuring range between 18mm – 400mm (.7 – 16”) depending on the number of anvils and spacers you’re using for your measurement. Keep in mind that you’ll need to assess the minimum reading on your Mitutoyo bore gage which is subject to some inconsistency depending on who’s operating the tool. When using a dial bore gage you’ll want to be patient when reading the output on the dial face to ensure an accurate and consistent reading.

What size is the Mitutoyo bore gage?

Mitutoyo offers a range of bore gages in different sizes, so it’s essential to specify the specific model or range you’re interested in. Mitutoyo bore gages are available in various sizes to measure different diameters of bores or holes. Common sizes include 0.24 to 6 inches (6 to 150 mm) or even larger, depending on the model. If you have a specific Mitutoyo bore gage model or size in mind, you can provide Higher Precision with details so we can offer more precise information.

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