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ACU-RITE Digital Readouts

Higher Precision is carries every ACU-RITE Digital Readout. These readouts make your manually operated machine tools more profitable, improve productivity, and raise the quality of the machined workpiece. The large LCD display clearly shows the actual axis positions. The context-sensitive graphical user guidance makes working with digital readouts from ACU-RITE a pleasure. Together with the linear scales from ACU-RITE they form an economic and effective package solution for initial setup or retrofitting on your machine tool. These displays are simple to connect with mill or lathe controls. There are a variety of adapters available for these readouts. These adapters bridge the gap between any type of control you are carrying and readout. We have available PCBA Bridge adapt kits. These kits make it easy for customers to learn hose to use a CNC control. 

The readout series available to customers are DRO100, DR203, DR203Q, DR300, and the droPWR. The DRO100 is the most cost-effective, entry-level digital readout system that incorporates display technology. DR203 is ACU-RITE’s most popular digital readout system in the machine tool market. DR203Q is similar ot the DR203 but is equipped with Quadra-Chek for efficient graphic inspection and metrology applications. DR300 is our most complete digital readout system in the machine tool market. The droPWR transforms a customers tablet into an ACU-RITE digital readout and speed up processes with seamless switching between machines, milling, turning and grinding.


Type of Product: Digital Readouts

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