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Established in 1934 by founder Yehan Numata, Mitutoyo is a Japanese manufacturing corporation that has quickly become one of the world's top metrology companies. Mitutoyo is known in the metrology industry for their superior quality precision measurement tools.

Mitutoyo is highly respected in the industry due to sustained knowledge of industry trends and scrupulous quality control. Mitutoyo carefully designs and manufactures their products to utilize today's cutting-edge technologies. Mitutoyo began manufacturing only micrometers with the intent of delivery high-quality, affordable tools to their customers. Mitutoyo gradually began introducing the most sophisticated tools technology allowed by introducing electronic and digital tools to the marketplace. As computers began to evolve and the internet boom hit, Mitutoyo was quick to begin developing cutting-edge measurement tools which could capitalize on the emerging technologies. Today, Mitutoyo continues to manufacture excellent products for their loyal customers. Mitutoyo truly is a name that exemplifies quality and customer trust.

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