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Dorsey Metrology International is known worldwide for their bore gages, snap gages, optical comparators, dial indicators, chamfer gages, and countersink gages but their product line does not end there. Superior product quality and a knowledgeable sales and support staff are what differentiate Dorsey from their competition. Dorsey Metrology International is one of the few companies left that still manufacture majority of their precision measurement tools in the USA. Dorsey Gage International is now run by their CEO Ted Luty, Jr., Company President Devon Luty and General Manager Rudy Bernegger.


Originally called Dorsey Gage, the company was founded in 1955 by Theodore F. Luty Sr. and his wife Helen in Hyde Park, NY. From the early years, Dorsey Gage strived on providing the best quality measurement tools and customer satisfaction. In 1975, after purchasing the instrument division of Hamilton Watch Company from Lancaster, PA, Dorsey Gage moved to Poughkeepsie, NY the following year in 1976.

In 1986, Dorsey Gage purchased Pexit, an English company known throughout Europe for producing high quality optical comparators. Acquisition relocated Pexit to Poughkeepsie, where they began manufacturing optical comparators in the US. In March 2001, Dorsey Gage was officially sold and Dorsey Metrology International was created.

When the old Standard Gage plant closed in April of 2002, Dorsey Metrology International was able to purchase most of their tooling and machinery at auction. Dorsey also hired some of the key employees that worked for Standard Gage to continue manufacturing many of the Standard Gage precision tools. To this day, Dorsey Metrology International is known throughout the world for their top quality hand-held and bench-top instruments.

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