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Bowers Bore Gages

Below is a list of Bowers' most popular bore gage categories:

Higher Precision is proud to represent Bowers Bore Gages. We offer each individual gage as well as large sets for online purchase. There are a variety of bore gage sizes to pick from. Our expert team can help you find the perfect gage for your measurement needs. Their gages are built for traceability and can provide the user with quick data transmission if the user needs to record it. The anvils are made of tungsten carbide to ensure a low rate of ware so they last long term. Bowers Bore Gages provides extensions for these gages if a you have a deep bore you need to measure. The Our team has over 20 years of experience and have seen every type of bore design.

Bowers Bore Gages can do special custom heads. Special head options they provide are splines, threads, grooves, and spherical heads. However to do these specialty heads we would need a drawing or some type of print of the bore. If you provide this we can help provide a quote for the specialty head you need. There are a  variety of options to choose from. If you are unable to locate the specific Bowers Bore Gages you need, please contact our inside sales department and we are happy to assist you. Later on if your gages are to break we can help connect you with the correct people to get a repair set up.

Brand: Bowers Metrology

Type of Product: Bore Gages

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