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Higher Precision is proud to carry the ACU-RITE line. For over 60 years, manufacturers have trusted them to help them enhance their machining. Backed by HEIDENHAIN’s constant innovation and made in America, their heigh-quality, easy to use digital readouts and CNC controls offer versatile ways to boost productivity and increase accuracy.

Controls and Readouts

They provide a variety of controls and readouts. Including a huge selection of ranges depending on what size you need. They provide both mill controls and lathe controls. ACU-RITE have multiple options for readouts depending on what the user prefers to use with these controls. You can purchase these individually or in a package.


ACU-RITE provides more than just controls. You can find a large line of encoders as well. The standard bearing readouts and controls are even more effective when they’re paired with the right equipment. As part of the HEIDENHAIN Family of Brands, they offer world-class encoders and touch probes. We go to great lengths to make it easy to install our equipment whether you’re retrofitting an old machine or adding on.

Edge Finders

Comparatively to all these products we have mentioned, 3-D electronic Edge Finder has an ideal tool for any machinist or operator responsible for efficient, accurate work. It accommodates a wide range of jobs, decreases setup times and ensures precise, repeatable positioning. The ACU-RITE probe can be mounted on a machine tool’s spindle and automatically zeros on contact with conductive or nonconducting materials. Compatible with our digital readouts: series 200 and 300; compatible controls: MILLPWRG2 2- and 3-axis, 3-axis readout system.

Mounting Brackets

Lastly you can find a variety of mounting brackets. Scale and readout mounting brackets are specifically designed for applications and machine brand. Crucial to operational performance and accuracy, these make proper installation simple without any modification. Find brackets specifically for milling, turning and grinding applications and dozens of machine brands and sizes.

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