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Founded in 1861, Mahr has been manufacturing dimensional metrology equipment for over 150 years. Their company is based on the principles of customer orientation and insures all actions executed by the company are aimed towards customer satisfaction. They manufacture products that include high quality measuring units, high precision gear and metering pumps, and high precision rotary stroke bearings. We also offer a complete line of high quality hand measuring tools that include height gages, calipers, depth gages, micrometers, dial indicators, and many more products. They are best known for their surface roughness gages. These are the best in the industry. You will not find one of better quality, and they provide diverse accessories to simplify any set up. They are not only known for their surface roughness gages. Mahr provides top level air gaging as well. If you are in need of a gage to measure a tight tolerance and diameter. This is the perfect gage. The design makes them simple to use. The measurement process is none contact as well. Helping cut down on broken anvils and operator mistakes. 


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