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Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI)

Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI) has been a manufacturer of innovative state-of-the-art digital and mechanical gages since 1932. All CDI indicators are American Designed, American Engineered and American Made to reflect the best in quality, materials and workmanship… truly the global standard in precision indicators. Higher Precision is proud to carry their complete line of products.

While our gages are built to American Gage Design specifications, and have the precision and accuracy customers have come to expect, our digital LOGICTM OEM and mechanical OEM gages are our flagship lines. Chicago Dial Indicator represent the best in both digital and mechanical OEM gages. Whatever your gage application, we are ready to design a gage of the highest quality to meet your exact requirements. With years of industry experience we have seen every type of custom gage and application.

The digital and mechanical gages offer an unequaled combination of excellent standard features, user-settable options, and custom features. There is no better manufacturer in the industry. We’re confident that Chicago Dial Indicator Company can make the gage you need!

Along with indicators there are a variety of dial gage stands, probes, read outs, and data collection options available. We are happy to help you find the correct gage for your project.

Chicago Dial Indicator consistently works to develop new, more accurate, more advanced gages from the beginning. All this experience helps us to serve our customers more responsively, more efficiently, and more economically. We are committed to exceeding the requirements of our customers and co-workers the first time – every time – through a zero defects and continuous quality improvement philosophy.

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