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Inspection Arsenal

Phillips Precision understands customers need fixtures for CMM, 3D Gage Arm, Optical Comparator, and Vision Inspection quickly. The Inspection Arsenal line provides readily available fixtures.

From the spindle to the shipping dock, the ability to get inspection data back to the shop floor quickly and accurately improves the entire production pipeline and your profits! Quality inspection no longer needs to be complex, costly and time consuming. Modular fixturing reduces downtime, running at risk, and overproduction. Inspection Arsenal Loc-N-Load and Open-Sight fixtures make production faster than ever. A universal modular fixturing system that provides a compete arsenal of work holding for inspection. The freedom of quick swap fixturing helps you inspect and process parts faster then ever before. Simple versatility removes the complexity and tribal knowledge related to part fixturing and enhances the value of these processes. Operators and less-skilled employees can easily inspect and mark parts, leaving your high-level programmers to focus on more complex work. Inspection Arsenal will allow you to deliver perfect parts faster.

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