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750 New Products Added Each Month Spanning 20 Different Manufacturers Background

750 New Products Added Each Month Spanning 20 Different Manufacturers

750 New Products Added Each Month Spanning 20 Different Manufacturers Overlay

Industries We Serve

Higher Precision distributes precision tools to following industries: military, diversified industrial, energy, medtech, machining, automotive, and aerospace. We carry a vast knowledge of both the industries and products we carry.


The military is not often thought of as an industry, but that is a piece of its identity. The Army, Navy, and Air Force all must make, use, test, and fix machine equipment each and every day. In this particularly high stakes industry, precision measurement tools are both required and relied upon. In fact, some factions of the military contain a specific unit called the precision measurement equipment laboratory.

Diversified Industrial

Diversified industrial manufacturing is precisely what it sounds like—a diverse grouping of industries maintained and promoted within a single company, business, or owner. In order to be considered a diversified industry, the industries that make up the conglomerate must build different products from one another, market to a different customer base, and therefore require individualized management techniques.


The energy industry is central to most modern societies throughout the world and is responsible for managing all sources of energy that we use each and every day. Producing energy and selling it, while maintaining regulatory guidelines, both fall under the domain of the energy industry. All fuel harvesting, creation, purification, and distribution is a part of this wide-reaching industry, and each of these processes requires an infinitesimal level of measurement precision.


MedTech, also known as medical technology or medical device industry, is one of the biggest industries today when it comes to innovation and demand. The MedTech industry involves anything and everything to do with device development used in medical settings. A vast-growing field, MedTech is constantly improving ad advancing, requiring quick-to-adapt precision measurement tools. The exactness of measurement within the technologies developed in medicine is vital, for how well they work directly relates to how many lives can be saved.


Machining is any process by which a piece of material is shaped and sized into a particular portion through cutting, abrasion, carving, or other material removal methods. The system of machining includes three main parts: the machine, the workpiece, and the tool. The industry of machining utilizes precision measurement tools in order to most accurately alter the shape, size, and surface of the desired piece.


The automotive industry contains all of the production companies that take part in automobile creation, from the design stages through to sales. Along every step of the production of automobiles, there is an underlying theme of precision measurement. The enormous economic impact of the automotive industry, along with the high utilization of assembly lines and working machines creates a powerhouse where all phases of measurement are required to be incredibly precise.


The aerospace industry concerns the manufacturing of machines built to explore the Earth’s atmosphere and the surrounding space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. This industry is mainly concerned with the development and production of flight vehicles, as well as the research necessary to properly build and improve upon these designs. Throughout the process of aerospace development, precision measurement is used to create these space-exploring machines.

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