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Air Gaging

Higher Precision carries the complete Mahr Air Gaging line. Dimensional Air Gaging is valuable because it provides fast measurement, high resolution, minimal operation measurement influence, non-contact, and is self-cleaning. This gaging works in shop environments while maintaining high accuracy and high resolution. The common system is made up of a readout, air tool, handle, hose, and the master ring. Mahr Air Gaging is simple to apply and no different to figure out than a bore gage, mechanical plug gage, or a snap gage. You just need to know the size, tolerance, where the measurement is to be made, and what is the surface finish. With these four things Mahr can create a custom-made air tool for your application. This system provides the capability of doing multiple dimensions or geometric checks in a single tool. This is a great feature for any customer with a shop floor.

Higher Precision can provide quotes for replacement Mahr Air Gaging parts as well. We can provide quotes on Air Plugs, Air Rings, and Dimentron Plugs. If you can provide your company name, reference number on the gage, and part number we can get a replacement plug or ring quoted for you! If you are having trouble trying to locate a specific Air Gaging replacement part, please email [email protected], call 800-469-0132, or live chat with one of our technical support experts. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and can help you find the right Mahr Air Gaging quote for your specific measurement application.

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