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Dyer Min-Wall/Thickness Gages

Dyer Gage is well known in the metrology industry for their 313 series model. They are Dyer classics and their biggest sellers. These gages are used by some of the biggest companies in the world to measure their parts. The Dyer Min-Wall/Thickness Gages are perfect for precision outside diameters. They are available in a variety of ranges and designs. They provide dial options with an assortment of graduation options. If you rather electronic these are available as well with different resolution options. If you are having trouble locating specific Dyer Min-Wall/Thickness Gages Higher Precision can help you find the best option. You can reach us by email at [email protected] or call us at 877-616-5137.

Dyer Min-Wall/Thickness gages can be a fast and accurate way to be able to check some difficult measuring applications. Dyer can do special application measuring solutions as well. They provide custom made gages as well. If you can provide a drawing to one of their technical engineers they can create a custom min-wall/thickness gage for a special measurement application. There is no charge for quoting a custom gage. With over 50 years of experience there are isn’t an application the Dyer team hasn’t seen before. They are even willing to do a free 10 day trial for gages they quote to make sure their groove gage is perfection for your application. The Dyer Min-Walll/Thickness Gages are top quality and customers swear by them. It’s no surprise they are the industry leader.

Brand: Dyer

Type of Product: Min-Wall/Thickness Gages

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