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Suburban Tool

Higher Precision is proud to carry Suburban Tool, Inc. They are widely known for having the best Sine Plates in the industry, and they are manufactured in the United States. Not only do they provide top level Sine Plates though, they carry a large variety of tools that are used in any machine shop. We carry multiple series for their tools as well. If a customer is looking for a high end option or an economic version they will have something available. Toolmakers regularly come back to use these tools because they are top quality designed by Toolmakers. We carry all Suburban Tool meteorology equipment, base plates, angle plates, sine plates, magnetic and vacuum chucks, index fixtures, vises, and a variety of reference gages. A tool line this large will cover any measurement needs.

Suburban Tool has over 50 years experience in manufacturing the highest quality work holding products and inspection equipment. A significant part of Suburban’s quality is due to our experienced craftsmen adhering to precision standards. Suburban’s products are manufactured by using exacting procedures. These products are intended for use by knowledgeable and experienced people. With this type of knowledge and experience there is nothing this team hasn’t seen. We are happy to help you find the best available gage for your needs. Take time to review the ever growing product line in the pages that follow. Suburban Tool is always looking to improve current gages in their product line, as well as bringing in new products that can help their customers with a job.

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