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Fowler High Precision Mobile Tech Center

If you happen to be looking around and see a giant Fowler High Precision bus pass by, you may want to follow it. Fowler High Precision is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of precision measurement tools and they are literally taking it to the streets to promote some great products!

Fowler has unveiled the Mobile Tech Center (MTC); a 40’ foot customized deluxe motor coach. The MTC has been transformed into a mobile showroom that will tour parts of the US to showcase Fowler’s impressive measuring tools and precision instruments. For the first time, customers will have the ability to tour the mobile showroom for live demonstrations on top-of-the-line products without having to leave their workplace. Fowler High Precision is the first company to unveil a mobile tech center and is receiving positive feedback from customers so far.

Fowler is kicking off the debut of the MTC by offering some astonishing deals on some exceptional Fowler/Trimos Height Gages. Besides the great pricing, the Fowler/Trimos Height Gages include favorable intangibles which make them stand out from other manufacturers. Fowler is offering a 5 year warranty on all these qualifying height gages which is the best warranty available in the industry. These height gages are manufactured with Swiss quality which ensures your product will yield the precise results you strive for. Lastly, all of these promotional height gages have user friendly electronics and are all RS-232 compatible.

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in seeing when the Fowler Mobile Tech Center is going to be in your area, contact one of our inside sales representatives and we would be happy to see if we can set up an appointment. You can purchase all Fowler/Trimos products at HigherPrecision.com.

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