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Laser Scan Micrometer Overview: Commonly used for?

June 10, 2019
We have all heard of the good old fashioned micrometer. Furthermore, many of us have probably heard of the latest version of the micrometer, the laser scan micrometer. But what exactly is the laser scan micrometer? How does it function and what is...

V-blocks: What are they and why are they so popular?

May 28, 2019
Welcome to the world of v-blocks! These precision measurement tools are ever so popular these days, but what are they? What makes v-blocks such an important commodity for a measurement workplace? We are going to provide you with an overview of v-blocks, what they...

What are micrometer heads used for?

May 13, 2019
A micrometer head is a precision measurement tool that is built to be mounted on other measurement instruments or precision fixtures. Micrometer heads are used for a range of reasons including measurement, positioning, and adjustment and used in conjunction with a variety of tools...

Rules used in the metrology industry

April 29, 2019
Rules, also known as rulers, are possibly the most basic measurement tool, and they are certainly a best seller. Whether you are an expert metrologist designing spaceships, or a second-grader working on an art project, you might end up needing a rule. While they are simple ...

European brands we carry - Wyler

April 15, 2019
Today we would like to wrap up our series on the wonderful selection of European brands we carry. Just because we saved our friend Wyler for last certainly does not mean they are least. Another brand based in beautiful Switzerland, Wyler continues the Swiss tradition of detail...

European brands we carry – Trimos

April 1, 2019
Welcome back to our series highlighting some of our favorite European collaborators in metrology production and distribution. Today we are going to delve into the world of Trimos. Known for their own partnership with the Sylvac company, which we discussed last time, Trimos offers...
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