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European brands we carry - Wyler

April 15, 2019
Today we would like to wrap up our series on the wonderful selection of European brands we carry. Just because we saved our friend Wyler for last certainly does not mean they are least. Another brand based in beautiful Switzerland, Wyler continues the Swiss tradition of detail...

European brands we carry – Trimos

April 1, 2019
Welcome back to our series highlighting some of our favorite European collaborators in metrology production and distribution. Today we are going to delve into the world of Trimos. Known for their own partnership with the Sylvac company, which we discussed last time, Trimos offers...

European brands we carry - Sylvac

March 18, 2019
Welcome to week two in our series of highlighting some of our most valuable European brand collaborators. We are proud of our selection of brands and are very aware that we are the wide-ranging company we are because of our numerous contributors. Our selection of precision measurement...

European brands we carry – Bowers

March 4, 2019
At Higher Precision, we value every brand that we feature. It certainly takes numerous contributors to help us build the exquisite selection of precision measurement tools we carry. We would like to present to our readers a four-part series that highlights some of our most valuable European...

Advantages of the ultralight caliper over traditional Vernier caliper

February 18, 2019
As the world in general progresses, the technology available in the realm of metrology must keep up. Some measurement experts may align with older methods of measurement and older styles of certain tools. However, there are real advances being made in the devices available to complete the...

The Cost of Metrology and Why It Matters

February 4, 2019
We live in a world driven by money. The field of metrology is no different. Metrology is a business in and of itself, plus, it plays a part in almost every other business in existence. The science of measurement impacts how products are made, how they function,...
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