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Fowler zCat DCC CMM

February 12, 2018
There is no need to be modest—the Fowler zCat DCC CMM (direct computer controlled coordinate measuring machine) is a one of a kind tool that far surpasses its predecessors. Ahead of its time, the Fowler zCat will change the way you make coordinate measurements. ...

Advantages of using a height gage

January 30, 2018
Height gages come in many shapes and sizes, and have shown incredible improvement in their technology over the past few decades. Due to these factors, as well as their regular use in precision measurement, height gages are one of the most versatile tools you can ...

What is a bore gage?

January 16, 2018
What exactly is a bore gage? Well, we are here to tell you! Most simply, a bore gage is as described by its name, a tool to gauge bores. Bore is the term for any sort of hole, and a gage is used to measure an object,...

What do the "grades" mean with gage blocks?

December 18, 2017
To best understand what the grades of gage blocks mean, you must first have a good handle on what gage blocks are and where they came from. Gage blocks are a measurement system of precisely made blocks used to measure exact length. Gage blocks can ...
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