• Part #: 54-175-024

    Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage # 54-175-024

    Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage # 54-175-024

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Range/Size: 0-24"/600mm

    Graduations: .0005"/.01mm

    Price: $621.96 

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    Product Description:

    54-174-024 Fowler Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage: 0-24"/600mm

    54-174-024 Specifications:

    • Range: 0-24"/600mm
    • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm
    • Accuracy: +/-.003"

    The Fowler Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage 54-175-024 is one of Fowler's best selling height gages with a scriber. The Z-Height-E has been around for about 10 years now and is a robust and durable height gage that is ideal for being used out on the shop floor. The Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage is great for checking squareness of a work pieces. The scriber on this height gage can easily be removed and replaced with a holding bar in which the operator can attach a test indicator to be able to measure squareness. Higher Precision is happy to offer a variety of Fowler indicators that are compatible with this height gage.


    • ABS/INC measurement
    • Direct Inch/Metric conversion
    • Hold feature
    • Floating zero
    • Positive lock
    • Large, high contrast LCD display
    • Includes molded case
    • Carbide scriber

    Fowler Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gages:

    • 54-175-012 Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage: 0-12"/300mm
    • 54-175-018 Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage: 0-18"/450mm
    • 54-175-024 Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage: 0-24"/600mm

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