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  • Product Code: #52-483-777

    4-Pc. Deburring Cutter Set

    Type: 4-Pc. Set

    Type of Blade Head: Curved

    Price: $16.50 $12.00
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    Product Description

    52-483-777 4 Piece Deburring Cutter Set


    • 4 separate color coded cutters. Each color indicates the material that the cutter is intended for
    • Unique rounded head blades for safe deburring of drilled and machined holes, end milled areas, tubing, backside of holes and almost unlimited amount of uses
    • Curved blades swivel freely to automatically follow shapes, contours, and holes
    • The colored sleeves rotate to lock and unlock blades for easy changing

    Deburring Cutter Set & Replacement Blades:

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