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Mitutoyo 511-436-20 Blind Bore Gage: 35-60mm

Product Code: 511-436-20
MFGID: 511-436-20

Brand: Mitutoyo

Measuring Range: 35-60mm

Graduations: .001mm

$561.00 $482.46
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Product Description

511-436-20 Mitutoyo Blind Hole Bore Gage: 35-60mm

The Mitutoyo 511-436-20 Blind Hole Bore Gage has the following specifications:


Mitutoyo’s blind hole bore gages measures ID at position close to the bottom of holes with high accuracy to .00016″ or .004mm. The Mitutoyo blind hole bore gage is ideal for measuring the inner dimensions at the bottom of blind bores and holes. Interchangeable anvils constructed of alloy steel allow for measurements of a wide range of bore diameters. A pendulum guide structure offers the ability to slide the gage for easier measurements without sacrificing accuracy. A two-point contact system detects geometry anomalies such as ovalness and taper.

Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gages for Blind Holes:


No Dial Gage Options:


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