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Mitutoyo 526-153-21 Bore Gage: 3.7-7.3mm

Product Code: 526-153-21
MFGID: 526-153-21

Brand: Mitutoyo

Measuring Range: 3.7-7.3mm

Graduations: .01mm

$2,480.00 $2,132.80
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Product Description

526-153-21 Mitutoyo Extra Small Hole Dial Bore Gage: 3.7-7.3mm (With Rings)

The Mitutoyo 526-153-21 Extra Small Hole Dial Bore Gage has the following specifications:


The Mitutoyo bore gages for extra small holes converts the radial displacement of the split-ball contact to axial displacement of the measuring rod for highly accurate measurements of holes as small as .037” in diameter. The Mitutoyo extra small hole bore gage features a split-ball design with stainless steel contact points to measure a hole’s inside diameter and identify out-of-roundness issues with an https://www.higherprecision.com/wp-admin/plugins.phpaccuracy to +/-.00016″/.004mm. These bore gages come in various measuring ranges and are available with or without a Mitutoyo Dial Indicator.

Mitutoyo Extra Small Hole Dial Bore Gage – Metric

With Setting Rings:

Mitutoyo Extra Small Hole Dial Bore Gage – Inch

With Setting Rings:


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