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  • Product Code: #52-085-060

    Master Vernier Caliper # 52-085-060

    Range/Size: 0-60"/1500mm

    Graduations: .001"/.02mm

    Price: $1,310.81 $1,153.51
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    Product Description

    52-085-060 Fowler Master Vernier Caliper: 0-60?/1500mm

    The Fowler 52-085-060 Master Vernier Caliper has the following specifications :

    • Range: 0-60?/1500mm
    • Graduations: .001?/.02mm
    • Accuracy: +/-.005"/.12mm
    • Jaw Depth: 7.5?

    The Fowler Master Vernier Calipers are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are one of the preferred vernier calipers in the metrology industry today. The master vernier calipers measure in both inch as well as metric and are available with sizes up to 60"/1500mm. Do not let the low price of the Fowler master vernier caliper fool you as this gage is great quality and would stand up strong against any other brand of vernier calipers.

    The Fowler 52-085-060 Master Vernier Caliper has been one of Fowler?s most popular vernier calipers for almost a decade and is commonly found in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon catalog.

    Special Features:

    • Satin chrome finish on all models.
    • Hardened stainless steel throughout; ground and lapped for accuracy.
    • Extra long vernier scales have wide spaced microfine graduations on satin chrome finish to ensure easy reading.
    • Machine divided and engraved from master for exceptional accuracy.
    • A raised sliding surface prevents wear and defacement of microfine graduations.
    • Verniers are adjustable for wear.
    • Open face design permits both vernier scales to be located on one side of the gage for both inside and outside measurements.
    • All sizes permit inside and outside measurements.
    • For larger work pieces, the long jaws permit greater accessibility and easier measurements.
    • All sizes meet or exceed U.S. Federal specifications for accuracy.
    • Price includes fitted case.

    Below is a list of all the Fowler Master Vernier Calipers:

    • 52-085-012 Master Vernier Caliper: 0-12?/300mm
    • 52-085-024 Master Vernier Caliper: 0-24?/600mm
    • 52-085-040 Master Vernier Caliper: 0-48?/1000mm
    • 52-085-060 Master Vernier Caliper: 0-60?/1500mm

    A short video on the Fowler 52-085-060 Master Vernier Caliper: (showing 12" as example)

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