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Electronic 90-127 Degree Chamfer Gage # 4127-SPC

Range: 3-4"

Resolution: .0002"/.005mm (switchable)

Price: $1675 $1506.66
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Product Description

4127-SPC Barcor Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 3-4″

The Barcor 4127-SPC Electronic Chamfer Gage has the following specifications:

  • Range: 3-4″
  • Angular Range: 90-127°
  • Resolution: .0002″/.005mm (switchable)
  • Accuracy: +/- .002″

Barcor has been manufacturing chamfer gages for almost 50 years and have been known for having the best quality chamfer gages in the industry. Barcor dial chamfer gages have always been popular but now Barcor is able to offer electronic chamfer gages to their customers. The electronic indicator on these Barcor chamfer gages has a resolution of .0002″/.005mm and has SPC output for those who are interested in data collection. The chamfer gage is a specific type of precision measurement tool that is designed specifically to measure the the top(major) diameter of a chamfer, countersink or tapered hole. Chamfer gages are simple to use. A user would insert the spring-loaded gaging plunger into the chamfer or countersink, apply pressure, and the diameter of the chamfer is displayed on the dial.

The great part about Barcor chamfer gages is that there is no setting master required. There is a “set to” number stamped on the back of each chamfer gage. The user just need to press the base of the chamfer gage up against any flat surface and make sure the needle is pointing to the “set to” number that is on the back of the dial. If the gage is slightly off, the user can easily rotate the bezel of the gage until the needle is pointing to the “set to” number and then the chamfer gage is ready to use.


  • Measures top (major) diameter of chamfers
  • No setting master required
  • Gaging plunger is conically ground and spring loaded
  • Available in two angular ranges: 0-90° & 90-127°
  • Made in the USA
  • Offered with an electronic indicator or dial (less sizes available)

Additional Options:

  • Angles greater than 127° available upon request
  • Solid carbide gaging plunger with Lifetime Warranty
  • Setting masters (not required)
  • Certification to NIST available upon request
  • Electronic version with SPC output

Barcor 90-127° Electronic Chamfer Gages – Inch:

  • 0127-SPC Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 0-.375″
  • 5127-SPC Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 0-.500″
  • 1127-SPC Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 0-1″
  • 2127-SPC Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 1-2″
  • 3127-SPC Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 2-3″
  • 4127-SPC Electronic 90-127° Chamfer Gage: 3-4″

Barcor 0-90° Electronic Chamfer Gages – Inch:

  • 0090-SPC Electronic 0-90° Chamfer Gage: 0-.375″
  • 5090-SPC Electronic 0-90° Chamfer Gage: 0-.500″
  • 1090-SPC Electronic 0-90° Chamfer Gage: 0-1″
  • 2090-SPC Electronic 0-90° Chamfer Gage: 1-2″
  • 3090-SPC Electronic 0-90° Chamfer Gage: 2-3″
  • 4090-SPC Electronic 0-90° Chamfer Gage: 3-4″

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