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  • Product Code: #515-570

    Depth Micro Checker - Metric

    Range/Size: 0-150mm

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    Product Description

    The Mitutoyo 515-570 is a fast and accurate way to calibrate and check depth micrometers up to 0-150mm in range.


    • The Depth Micro Checker is designed to efficiently check the zero point of a depth micrometer

    Technical Data:

    • Block pitch accuracy: ±(1+L/150)Ìm
    • L=Length to check (mm)
    • Anvil block accuracy: ±0.5Ìm

    Below is a list of all the Series 515 Depth Micrometer Setting Masters:

    • 515-575 is for depth micrometers up to 0-6"
    • 515-570 is for depth micrometers up to 0-150mm
    • 515-571 is for depth micrometers
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