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  • Product Code: #PT99143

    0-25mm Depth Rod # PT99143

    Range/Size: 0-25mm

    Price: $33.50

    Product Description

    PT99143 Starrett Replacement Depth Rod: 0-25mm

    The Starrett PT99143 replacement depth rod is compatible with the following Starrett Depth Micrometers:

    • 749MEBZ-150 Starrett Electronic Depth Micrometer: 0-150mm/6"
    • 749MEBZ-300 Starrett Electronic Depth Micrometer: 0-300mm/12"

    Replacement Depth Rods for the Starrett 749 Series of Electronic Depth Micrometers:

    • PT99143 Replacement Depth Rod: 0-25mm
    • PT99183 Replacement Depth Rod: 25-50mm
    • PT99190 Replacement Depth Rod: 50-75mm
    • PT99266 Replacement Depth Rod: 75-100mm
    • PT99267 Replacement Depth Rod: 100-125mm
    • PT99268 Replacement Depth Rod: 125-150mm
    • PT99531 Replacement Depth Rod: 150-175mm
    • PT99532 Replacement Depth Rod: 175-200mm
    • PT99533 Replacement Depth Rod: 200-225mm
    • PT99534 Replacement Depth Rod: 225-250mm
    • PT99535 Replacement Depth Rod: 250-275mm
    • PT99536 Replacement Depth Rod: 275-300mm
    • PT99486 Replacement Depth Rod: 0-1"
    • PT99487 Replacement Depth Rod: 1-2"
    • PT99488 Replacement Depth Rod: 2-3"
    • PT99489 Replacement Depth Rod: 3-4"
    • PT99490 Replacement Depth Rod: 4-5"
    • PT99491 Replacement Depth Rod: 5-6"
    • PT99457 Replacement Depth Rod: 6-7"
    • PT99458 Replacement Depth Rod: 7-8"
    • PT99459 Replacement Depth Rod: 8-9"
    • PT99460 Replacement Depth Rod: 9-10"
    • PT99461 Replacement Depth Rod: 10-11
    • PT99462 Replacement Depth Rod: 11-12"
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