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  • Product Code: #700-105

    Tire Tread Depth Gage # 700-105

    Range/Size: 0-1"/25.4mm

    Graduations: .001"/.1mm

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    Product Description

    ******************************DISCONTINUED PRODUCT******************************

    The Mitutoyo 700-105 Tire Tread Depth Gage has now been discontinued and replaced by the new Mitutoyo Digimatic Coolant Proof Tire Tread Depth Gage: 571-200-20


    • ABSOLUTE Digimatic Tread Depth Gage can keep track of the origin point once set for the entire life of the battery. (Series 571)
    • Specially designed to measure tire tread depth.
    • Plastic construction for light-weight use. (Series 700)
    • With SPC data output. (Series 571)

    Technical Data:

    • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.(excluding quantizing error for digital models)
    • Resolution: 0.01mm or .0005"/0.01mm (571 Series)0.1mm or .001"/0.1mm (700 Series)
    • Display: LCD
    • Battery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882
    • Battery life: Approx. 2 years under normal use(approx. 2000 hours: Series 571)


    • Origin-set*, Zero-setting, Power ON/OFF, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models)
    • Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error
    • *Series 571


    • 959143: Data hold unit
    • 959149: SPC cable with data switch (40" / 1m)
    • 959150: SPC cable with data switch (80" / 2m)
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