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  • Product Code: #12AAC073

    20mm Taper Probe # 12AAC073

    Probe: 20mm

    Probe Type: Taper

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    Product Description

    12AAC073 Mitutoyo 20mm Taper Probe

    The Mitutoyo 12AAC073 20mm Taper Probe has the following specifications:

    • Probe: 20mm
    • Probe Type: Taper
    • Length: 82mm
    • Shank Size: 14mm

    Optional Probes and Calibration Blocks for Linear Height:

    • 12AAF666: 1mm Diameter Ball Probe
    • 957261: 2mm Diameter Ball Probe
    • 12AAF667: 2mm Diameter Ruby Ball Probe
    • 957262: 3mm Diameter Ball Probe
    • 957263: 4mm Diameter Ball Probe
    • 12AAB552: 10mm Ball Probe
    • 12AAF668:10mm Ball Probe
    • 12AAF669: 10mm Ball Probe
    • 932361: Mu-checker lever head holder CMM ball and disk hard probes are available
    • 12AAA787: Block for calibrating probe diameter (applicable to taper probe)
    • 12AAF670: 5mm Disk Probe
    • 12AAF671: 10mm Disk Probe
    • 957264: 14mm Disk Probe
    • 957265: 20mm Disk Probe
    • 12AAF672: 1mm Diameter Ball Offset Probe (test indicator stylus #103017)
    • 12AAF673: 2mm Diameter Ball Offset Probe
    • 12AAA788: 4mm Ball Offset Probe
    • 12AAA789: 6mm Ball Offset Probe
    • 226117: M2 CMM Stylus Adapter
    • 226118: M3 CMM Stylus Adapter
    • 12AAC072: Depth Probe
    • 12AAC073: 20mm Taper Probe
    • 12AAA792: Dial Indicator Holder (8mm diameter stem)
    • 12AAA837: Dial Indicator Holder (3/8" diameter stem)
    • 12AAA793: Probe Extension Holder (85mm/3.3")
    • 12AAB136: 10mm Diameter Cylindrical Probe

    Linear Height Gages 0-38" / 0-972mm:

    • 518-351A-21: Mitutoyo Linear Height LH-600E - 0-38"/0-972mm
    • 518-352A-21: Mitutoyo Linear Height LH-600EG w/ Power Grip - 0-38"/0-972mm
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