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    Dial Hole Gages - Inch

    Range/Size: .010-.040"

    Graduations: .001"

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    Product Description

    040 Barcor Dial Hole Gage: .010-.040"

    The Barcor 040 dial hole gage has the following specifications:

    • Range: .010-.040"
    • Graduations: .001"
    • Accuracy: +/- .00025


    • Includes AGD Group 2 Dial Indicator with 2.25" face
    • Optional setting masters to increase accuracy are available upon request
    • Optional electronic indicator available upon request
    • NIST certification available upon request

    The Barcor hole gage is a direct reading instrument designed to measure a small hole diameter. Barcor hole gages could not be any easier to use. The operator has to insert the gaging plunger into the hole, press the base firmly against the part and the diameter will be displayed on the dial.

    Unlike most types of "bore gages", the Barcor hole gages do not require a setting master. There is a "set to" number stamped on the back of each hole gage. The user just need to press the base of the chamfer gage up against any flat surface and make sure the needle is pointing to the "set to" number that is on the back of the dial. If the gage is slightly off, the user can easily rotate the bezel of the gage until the needle is pointing to the "set to" number and then the hole gage is ready to use.

    Barcor Dial Hole Gages - Inch:

    • 040 Dial Hole Gage: .010-.040"
    • 130 Dial Hole Gage: .030-.130"
    • 230 Dial Hole Gage: .130-.230"
    • 330 Dial Hole Gage: .230-.330"
    • 430 Dial Hole Gage: .330-.430"
    • 530 Dial Hole Gage: .430-.530"
    • 630 Dial Hole Gage: .530-.630"
    • 730 Dial Hole Gage: .630-.730"
    • 830 Dial Hole Gage: .730-.830"
    • 930 Dial Hole Gage: .830-.930"
    • 1030 Dial Hole Gage: .930-1.030"

    Barcor Dial Hole Gages - Metric:

    • 040-M Dial Hole Gage: .25-1mm
    • 130-M Dial Hole Gage: .75-3.30mm
    • 230-M Dial Hole Gage: 3.30-5.85mm
    • 330-M Dial Hole Gage: 5.85-8.35mm
    • 430-M Dial Hole Gage: 8.35-10.90mm
    • 530-M Dial Hole Gage: 10.90-13.50mm
    • 630-M Dial Hole Gage: 13.50-16.00mm
    • 730-M Dial Hole Gage: 16.00-18.55mm
    • 830-M Dial Hole Gage: 18.55-21.00mm
    • 930-M Dial Hole Gage: 21.00-23.60mm
    • 1030-M Dial Hole Gage: 23.60-26.15mm

    If you have a specific question about the Barcor 040 Hole Gage, please contact our inside sales department and we would be happy to assist you.

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