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Series 1 Dial Indicator # 1044A-01

Range: 2.5mm

Graduation: .01mm

Back Type: Lug

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Product Description

1044A-01 Mitutoyo Dial Indicator – Series 1 Compact Type: 0-5mm

The Mitutoyo 1044A-01 Series 1 Compact Type Dial Indicator has the following specifications:

  • Range: 5mm
  • Graduations: 0.01mm
  • Range/Rev: 1mm
  • Dial Reading: 0-100
  • Type: Lug Back
  • Accuracy (First 2.5 Rev): +/- 0.01mm
  • Accuracy (Overall): +/- 0.013mm
  • Measuring Force: 1.5N or less
  • Stem/Shank: 8mm
  • Contact Point: M2.5 x 0.45 Thread
  • Type: ISO/JIS
  • Shockproof Type: No
  • Waterproof Type: No
  • Jeweled Bearing Type: No


  • Direct replacement for the 1044S-01 Mitutoyo dial indicator
  • Revolutionary stem-bush design for trouble-free stem clamping (longer clamping range)
  • No through screw hole on the frame for high dust-resistance
  • Involute curved lifting lever for smooth movement of spindle and dovetail joint for tool-less connection
  • The 1044A-01 has grater rigidity in the bearing plate for reducing the retracing error (20%) and 4-screw mounting for increasing impact resistance.
  • Any part number followed with a “B” means that model has a flat back (no lug)

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