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Mitutoyo Standard ID-F Absolute Digimatic Indicators – Inch/Metric

Product Code: 543-852A
MFGID: 543-852A

Brand: Mitutoyo

Range: 1"/25.4mm

Resolution: 0.005/0.001/0.01mm - 0.00002/0.00005/0.0001/0.0005/0.001"

Price: $731.91 $701.22
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Product Description

543-852A Mitutoyo Standard ID-F Absolute Digimatic Indicator – Inch/Metric: 0-1″/0-25.4mm

The Mitutoyo 543-852A Standard ID-F Absolute Digimatic Indicator has the following specifications:


The ID-C/ID-F are the new generation ID series from Mitutoyo. They make measurement operations smoother and enhance production quality. This new line of indicators includes bidirectional serial communication that helps increase work efficiency. The indicator can be easily connected and linked with a PC via a USB input tool, etc., and in addition to conventional measurement data collection, they also enable control and setting of the ID-C/ID-F units, collection of gage information, and other operations to be performed in batch from the PC. 

This new generation ID series includes a calibration period notification function. Avoid missing a pending calibration. The LCD displays an icon to notify the user when the set calibration time approaches. This facilitates the proper precision management of ID-C/ID-F.

If this indicators page does not have the specifications or information you are searching please visit the Mitutoyo company website. You can find their website by Clicking Here.

Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicators ID-F with Back-lit LCD Screen:

ANSI/AGD Type: 3/8″ Stem with #4-48 Thread

ISO/JIS Type: 8mm Stem with M2.5 x 0.45 Thread


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