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  • Product Code: #53-422-068

    Adjustable Micrometer Spirit Level

    Size: 5-7/8"/150mm

    Sensitivity: .00025"/12"

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    Product Description

    53-422-068 Fowler/Wyler Adjustable Micrometer Spirit Level: 5-7/8"/150mm

    The Fowler-Wyler 53-422-068 Adjustable Micrometer Spirit Level has the following specifications:

    • Base Size: 5-7/8" x 1-3/4" x 3-1/6" (150mm x 44.5mm x 80mm).
    • Sensitivity: .00025"/12"

    Special Features:

    • The Adjustable Micrometer Spirit Level is used to measure flatness of surfaces, inclination, tapers or concentricities.
    • Prismatic measuring base is hardened and ground and the level includes an insulated handle.
    • Micrometer has a hundred division lines with engraving of figures from 0-100.
    • By depressing center knob, the micrometer can be turned easily and positioned to zero.
    • Angle of level is fine adjusted using the micrometer knob.
    • Includes wooden case.
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