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    Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer

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    54-825-200 Fowler/Wyler Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer: 45 Arc°.

    The Fowler/Wyler 54-825-200 Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer has the following specifications:

    • Measuring range: ±45 Arc°. Optional: ±10 Arc° / ±30 Arc° / ±60 Arc°
    • Calibration: 21 Setting points using built-in software and calibration aids
    • Settling time: <5 sec. Value available after setting
    • Resolution: 5 Sec. of arc (0.025mm/m), depending on units set
    • Limits of error <5 Sec. of arc + 0.07% readout or <30 Sec. of arc. After using quick calibration aids.
    • Data output: RS-485, asynchr., 7 Bit, 2 Stopbits, no parity, 9600 Baud
    • Power supply: Standard—Batteries: 2 x Size AA 1.5V Alkaline (40—60 hours) or Optional—Batteries: 2 x Size AF 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable (30—50 hours) or with mains adaptor
    • External power supply: (Optional) +12...+48 V DC/200—500 mW
    • Temperature range: Operating: 0° to 40°C. Storage: -20° to 70°C.
    • Housing, stainless steel: Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 1.375"(150 x 150 x 35mm.)
    • Weight: 6.6 lb. (3kg)

    Fowler/Wyler's digital inclination measuring instrument......the Clino 2000... combines precision and quality for a great variety of measuring tasks that will fulfill all your requirements.

    For over a decade, the Fowler/Wyler 54-825-200 Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer has been one of the most popular inclinometers used around the world. Like all products manufactured by Wyler AG, the Clino 2000 is considered one of the highest quality inclinometers available on the market.


    • Highest possible precision over large measuring range of ±45° with integrated temperature compensation.
    • Effortless zero adjustment by using the integrated software and a reversal measurement.
    • Easy to calibrate due to implemented software guidance and the calibration aids included.
    • State of the art digital technology.
    • Built-in possibility to connect an additional instrument for differential measurement or Zerotronic sensors by using the serial I/O port.
    • Large digital display for setting all commonly used measuring units.
    • The instrument is fully compatible with the whole range of digital sensors from Wyler.
    • Powered by common 1.5 V batteries, rechargeable batteries or with mains adaptor.
    • Fulfills the strict European CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog).
    • Rugged stainless steel housing with ground prismatic bases allows use on flat or cylindrical surfaces.
    • Fitted Case.

    Fowler/Wyler Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer and accessories:

    If you are interested in the Fowler/Wyler 54-825-200 Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer but require a special range, sensitivity or have a need for magnetic inserts in one or both of the bases, we are happy to provide special Clino 2000 inclinometers. Please email info@higherprecision.com to request information on a special Clino 2000 Precision Inclinometer.

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