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Mitutoyo Micrometer Sets – Metric Series 103

Product Code: 103-927-10
MFGID: 103-927-10

Brand: Mitutoyo

Range: 0-75mm (3 pc. set)

Graduations: .01mm

$462.00 $397.32
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Product Description

103-927-10 Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer Set: 0-75mm (3 pc. set)

The Mitutoyo 103-927-10 Outside Micrometer Set has the following specifications:


The Mitutoyo 103-927-10 Outside Micrometer Set is made up of the following:

The Mitutoyo outside micrometers series 103 features either a ratchet stop or friction thimble that applies constant measuring force on a workpiece for exact repetitive readings. Available in metric and inches. The Mitutoyo outside micrometer is ideal for measuring metal and non-metal workpieces. A ratchet-stop mechanism on all the micrometers included in the 103-927-10 set provides uniform pressure on a workpiece for precise, repeatable measurements.  The 103 series micrometers are Mitutoyo’s most popular mechanical micrometer as the are accurate, durable and have great repeatability.  Many other brands have tried to create knock-off versions of the 103 series micrometers and none of them are close to the same type of quality that Mitutoyo is able to offer. 

Mitutoyo Series 103 Micrometers Sets – Metric


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